The Government of Bangladesh provides good policy support for growth of software and ITES sector

The Government of Bangladesh provides good policy support for growth of
software and ITES sector, particularly with a view to promote the export of the
services. In the recent National Export Policy (2006-9), the Government has
declared Software as one of the six’high priority’ export sectors for the economy.
Here are some of the government policy supports for the industry.
a. Tax Holiday: The corporate income tax for the software business has been
kept completely tax free.
b. Investment & Financing Support: In the 2009-2010 budget, the government
has allocated Tk. 200 crore as equity financing support for the local software
and ITES companies. The Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) also provides
working capital loan to software exporting companies against export orders
at a very concessional rate. To attract foreign investment in the sector, the
government has allowed 100% ownership in the sector and full profit
repatriation for the investors.

c. Low or Zero Tariff for Capital Goods/Computers for the Software
Industry: Since 1996, Government has been allowing zero/low tariff for
computers and other capital goods required for software industry.
d. ICT Internship: Government provides financial support (60% of the
salary/allowance cost) for recruiting interns (fresh graduates) by any
software companies. For this program which started in 2005, Government
has allocated budget for 1,000 interns for every year.
e. ICT Park and ICT Incubator: Government has recently started a mega
project for establishing a high tech park (IT Park) right outside the capital
city. When completed, it is expected to provide world class facilities
(available in any reputed IT park in other countries) to the local and foreign
IT companies. Government is also providing incubation support to smaller
companies by providing infrastructural facilities.

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