Challenges in Public Service Delivery

Delivery of services to the citizens by the government is fraught with
inefficiencies and lack of transparency in a developing country like Bangladesh.
Other significant challenges that the Government of Bangladesh faces in delivering
services to the public include the following:
a. The current government service delivery channels find it very difficult to
reach transportation facilities.

b. Extreme poverty of the target population often makes them unable to reach
the government service centres.
c. Typical service delivery channels of the government are largely unable to
cater to the needs of persons with disabilities thereby leaving them outside
of the service delivery facilities.
d. As more and more government functions become decentralized, it becomes
increasingly difficult to monitor progress and guide implementation.
e. The government officials do not have enough incentives to excel in service
delivery. The accountability to citizens is largely absent in the current
structure of the Government of Bangladesh.
f. Through the traditional approaches, it is almost impossible to get feedback
from citizens on government's performance in service delivery

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