About 40 km away from Dhaka, a Hi-tech park will be established at Kaliakoir of Gazipur District

About 40 km away from Dhaka, a Hi-tech park will be established at Kaliakoir of Gazipur District,
on 232 acres of unused land of Talibabad satellite centre.
Objectives of Hi-tech park:
(a) To augment foreign investment in the country by attracting
international organisations for establishing export-oriented industries
through the creation of an excellent investment environment.

(b) To develop local industries/technologies and enhance capacity
(c) To ensure the economic development by producing and exporting
world class products
(d) To reduce unemployment and prevent brain-drain through
employment generation
Administrative Building of Hi-Tech Park
In Hi-tech park, information technology, software and hardware, ITES industries,
telecommunication related industries, biotechnology and pharmaceutical (Research and
Development) industries will be given priority. The Park will be divided in 5 blocks where
administrative, residential and training buildings, hospital, school, various industries, ware-houses
will be established. The Park will be built on Public-Private Partnership basis. For this purpose,
some experienced organisations will be engaged as the Park Developers. The Park Developers will
be entrusted with all the necessary actions related to developing the Park, such as planning,
constructing various infrastructures, ensuring use of the Park by the investors and so on along with
the responsibility to manage the Park. This will help reduce the risks of financial losses of the
Government as well as encourage participation of the private sector in developing the Park. If the
Park becomes fully operational, industries will be developed and employment will be generated
through forward-backward linkages

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