eGovernance Cell at Prime Minister's Office

In the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS), it was decided that a
knowledge-based society would be developed throughout the world by 2015, which
is in line with the government's decision of building a digital Bangladesh by 2021.
The government is now more prudent in taking steps towards their vision of
achieving a digital Bangladesh.

To transform the current government into an eGovernment, a separate body
had been established for policy formulation and coordination of the eGovernance
activities. Accordingly, the Government of Bangladesh had established an
eGovernance cell at the Prime Minister's Office in 2006. The cell is in charge of the
following activities
Preparation and implementation of eGovernance Vision, Strategic Goals
and Flagship Projects through a consultative process;
b. Development of an infrastructure strategy;
c. Development of a conducive, legal and regulatory framework;
d. Coordination and implementation of a Human Resource Plan
Launched in 2007, the Access to Information Programme (A2I), a UNDP-funded
umbrella initiative undertaken by the Government of Bangladesh at the eGovernance
Cell, Prime Minister’s Office, is aimed at ensuring the appropriateness of new
initiatives and programmes for ICT for Development within the context of national
priorities. It assists the government to plan and coordinate the ongoing and future
activities across various ministries, divisions and agencies of the government to utilize
ICTs as a tool to a) make government services hassle-free, faster, cheaper, more
inclusive and’at citizens doorsteps' and b) bring efficiency, effectiveness, transparency
and accountability to the administration.

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