National ICT Policy 2009

The revised ICT Policy 2009 has incorporated new policy directions in line with
the ever changing technological advancements in this area. The most remarkable
changes that have been made in the revised National ICT Policy 2009 are (1) a
methodical framework of the policy document
and (2) inclusion of planned action
items in conformity with policies and strategies. There is also 306 action items
under the below 10 objectives: Social Equity, Productivity, Integrity,
Education and Research, Employment Generation, Strengthening of Exports,
Healthcare, Universal Access, Environment, Climate & Disaster Management,
and Supports to ICTs.
The 306 action items included in the policy have been divided as short-term (18
months), medium-term (5 years) and long-term (10 years) actions to be taken by
the government, academia, private sector and the NGO sector of the country.
These action items are providing clear directions for all ministries, division and
directorates of the government to embark on specific tasks to implement the

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