Potentials, Challenges and Ways to Overcome

The concept of ‘Digital Bangladesh’ has raised an expectation to the nation
especially to the youth community. Now the challenge is to take it forward to final
destination. Significant development has taken place in terms of infrastructural
development of information technology following the implementation of a wide range of
programmes by the present government. Nevertheless, there is a scope of further
development in this area. There is no doubt that the cheap labour-forces and the
promising youths constitute an attractive important element to
attract potential investors
to Bangladesh. However, the cheap labour alone cannot be considered as enough
incentive for the expansion of this potential and comparatively new sector. It is, therefore,
critical to carry out a wider analysis to identify the main strength, potential and
challenges inherent in the information technology sector so that an efficient policy and
strategy can be worked out. Following is a brief on this:
5.1.1 Indomitable Youth Force and Talent
• The role of youth community of the country is vital to expand the IT/ITES
industry. A competent youth-force is available in the country capable of
taking up this profession.
• Have meritorious and skilled man-power to develop softwares.
• There are plenty of public and private initiatives to develop suitable IT talent.
5.1.2 Easily Available Labour Force
• The labour cost of IT/ITES sector in Bangladesh is much cheaper compared
with India, Chaina and Pakistan. This is the main strength. Because, in the
IT/ITES sector labour is an important large cost component.
• In the last decade, the wage rate of IT sector in the USA increased twice. In
1997, the wage rate of a programmer was US$ 2700, which increased to
US$ 5460 in 2006. This trend is also observed in India. However, in
Bangladesh the rate is not beyond the range of US$ 360-700.
• Wider publicity at home and abroad on the preponderance of potential IT
workers in Bangladesh will play an important role in promoting IT/ITES
 Existing facilities
• The mobile teledensity and use of internet is on the increase in Bangladesh
• House rent, electricity, water, gas and energy costs are much cheaper than
these of other countries.
• The Non-Resident Bangladeshi (NRB)Associations are more organised and
active in many cities of the developed countries. They can be used as
promoters of IT/ITES industries of Bangladesh

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