SMS for Sugarcane Farmers - Purji

Purji is the approval letter for purchasing
sugarcane from sugarcane farmers.
E-purji is
sending the purji information to the farmers by
using information technology.
Like the
ক্যাপশন যুক্ত করুন
traditional purji, e-purji also contains sugarcane
farmer’s name and other relevant information.
But in this case, instead of any hand written
slip, purji is supplied from sugar mills’ server
(all the information regarding the sugarcane
farmers’ e.g. name, mobile number, quantity of
sugarcane cultivation, pass book number, name
of the unit and centre etc are preserved) directly
to the farmers by sending SMS to the farmer’s mobile phone. As soon as the purji is
issued, it is being communicated by sending to the farmer’s mobile phone through
SMS. In addition, it is also possible to inform the farmers about payment of the price
of their sugarcane through SMS. About, Two lakh farmers have been directly
benefited by this system. It has also become an incentive for farmers to produce more
sugarcane for freeing them from the hassle of setting proper price for their producer.

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